Our Students

The students currently enrolled in our program are in 4th through 11th grade. As our 9th, 10th, and 11th graders move through high school we will continue to support them with the goal of helping them prepare for and get in to college. At full capacity, our program will support youth in 4th through 12th grade.

Students are recruited from partner schools around Pittsburgh including The Neighborhood Academy, St. Benedict the Moore School of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academy, and Pittsburgh Miller African Centered Academy.



Meet a Student


You were in the first class of Steel City Squashers when you were in 4th grade and now you are in 10th, what has kept you coming back to the program over the years?

“I just really liked the team and how encouraging the coaches and my team members were and are…and the new friends that I made at tournaments.”

What do you like most about SCS?

“The traveling? Yea…the traveling.”

What about the traveling?

“The new places that some people go that they have never been before…I’ve been to New York like four times now because of squash, which is cool. And Harvard and other colleges that we wouldn’t go to if we didn’t go here.”

Do you have a favorite trip?

“Urban Nationals this year. I felt like our team got really close at that time and our bond just started getting strong on that trip.”

What do you like to do for fun besides play squash?

“Basketball and singing…and acting.”

What would you like to do as a career?

“Either working with kids as a music teacher or something…or going on Broadway.”