Serving Those Who Desire & Deserve

Steel City Squash is an academic and athletic program that provides life-changing opportunities to Pittsburgh youth who desire and deserve more through education, mentoring, community service, travel and the sport of squash. Our mission is to provide consistent, long-term and reliable support to students and their families. By maintaining the highest standards, Steel City Squash encourages each student to reach his or her fullest potential on the court, in the classroom, and in the community.

We provide consistent, long-term and reliable support to help students who desire and deserve more prepare for and graduate from college.

Why Squash?

More than 20 million people worldwide play squash, and Forbes has rated it the healthiest sport. The great Egyptian pro, Amr Shabana, explained the sport’s appeal:

“Squash is the toughest, most brutal, most complete sport there is. It takes everything out of you. It takes every mental and physical effort you have. And if you do your best you have a 50% chance to win.”

In the U.S., squash is little known and has long been synonymous with prep school and Ivy League circles. Urban squash programs like Steel City Squash have proudly made this once exclusive sport accessible to students who not only benefit from its physical and mental demands, but from gaining a unique skill that distinguishes the kids in our programs. The sport is integral to our goal of helping students to prepare for and graduate from college.

Program Partners

The Steel City Squash family extends far beyond the students, volunteers and staff who meet every week. We could not do the work we do without the dedicated support and leadership of our Board of Directors, The University of Pittsburgh, and other partners.

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