Gaining An Edge In College Admissions

Squash is the “hook” to get students excited about being at Steel City Squash. Squash is a sport played world-wide but has limited access in the United States. Every student that joins Steel City Squash is stepping on the squash court for the very first time. Through regular training sessions on every program day, students develop a love for the game and a commitment to hard work, getting fit, and competing at a high level.

Squash Goals

  • Develop a love for squash
  • Promote good health and physical fitness
  • Compete against local schools and in national tournaments

Travel & Tournaments

Steel City Squashers travel to compete in tournaments at colleges and in cities such as Chicago, New York, Detroit, Philadelphia and Toronto. Every out-of-town trip also provides for sightseeing and unique cultural opportunities. Students earn the right to travel through hard work and dedication to their practice schedule at Steel City Squash.

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Health & Wellness

We help students build and maintain good health and physical fitness Squash is a fast-moving sport and an excellent workout. It has been voted the #1 healthiest sport by Forbes.

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