On the Move

This fall, 10 new members of the Steel City Squash team traveled north to play against 716 Squash, the urban squash team in Buffalo, NY. 716 Squash is the newest member of the Squash and Education Alliance, which now incorporates 19 domestic and 5 international programs. This was the first match ever for the students in their program as well as for our students, who joined SCS during the fall tryout period.

In November, a group of 7 Steel City Squashers traveled to The Pittsburgh Golf Club to play a team put together by Coach Jim Shields. The PGC has been a wonderful partner to SCS since its inception and its squash program continues to develop some of the strongest young players in the city. We hope to have many more matches in the future and work together in promoting the sport of squash for younger generations.

Before going on break for the holidays, SCS hosted a ladder match for students within the program. After matches concluded, families were able to get on court to test our their squash skills and learn a bit about the game from their children. There were a lot of laughs and no injuries, which made the event a success in our eyes. Some parents have even requested a regularly scheduled family squash night, which we are considering for this spring.

The winter is off to a great start and there are a number of events on the horizon to look forward to. Below is a list of the events coming up, but be sure to check out the events calendar on our website to stay up to date with our schedule.

February 8-10: Buchanan Open @ the Rivers Club in Pittsburgh. 16 of our students will be participating in the tournament this year.

March 1-3: Urban Team Nationals hosted by the Squash and Education Alliance. Matches will be played at Yale University, Choate Rosemary Hall and the Hopkins School.