Off to High School

Four years ago the first class of SCS students stepped into Trees Hall as 5th graders, now they are off to high school.

Ripe with energy and enthusiasm and probably unsure of why the sport they were about to partake in was named after a root vegetable, those students became the inaugural class of Steel City Squash. Now, four years later and many inches taller, these young adults, who have developed into the leaders of this program, are about to embark on another uncertain phase of life–high school.

It is with great pride that we see them continuing their education at schools like The Neighborhood Academy, Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academy, Oakland Catholic, Central Catholic and Nazareth College and Career Prep. As these students face the joys and challenges that come with this new adventure we will continue to provide support for them along the way through academic aid, mentorship, squash coaching, and access to experiences that we hope will open their minds and help them on their path to becoming the best that they can be. We look forward to seeing these students come back to SCS in the fall as 9th graders and are excited to see them continue to grow throughout this next chapter of their lives.